Introducing: Bolt.Healthcare Caregiver Portal

By: Avi Cohen, Director of Operations & Product Management

Caregiver retention directly impacts your agency's growth potential.

With the continued shortage of caregivers the industry is facing, retention efforts have never been more important. While there are some effective solutions available, such as Nevvon’s Mentor Program, we’re committed to equipping homecare agencies with additional tools to enhance their retention strategies.

In a Nevvon webinar earlier this year, Tsvi Vilinski emphasized the importance of open communication in retention. This extends beyond mere conversation; it also includes things such as facilitating compliance tasks seamlessly, broadcasting cases and much more. Recognizing this need, we developed the Caregiver Portal to address these challenges head-on.


What is the Caregiver Portal and its features?

The Caregiver Portal serves as a foundation for streamlined communication between agencies and caregivers, paving the way for exciting updates we have planned for this system. Here’s what the Caregiver Portal currently offers:

  1. Instant Messaging: Communicate directly with caregivers from a centralized location within Bolt. This boosts accountability and enables caregivers to connect with back-office teams effortlessly.

  2. Document Collection: Request, collect, and track documents all in one place. Both back-office teams and caregivers can maintain organized records. Our user-friendly document request tools and auto-reminders simplify compliance document collection.

  3. E-signature Capabilities: Our integrated Dynamic Files system allows for quick and easy document signatures directly through the Caregiver Portal.

  4. Matching Form: Gather essential data to match caregivers effectively with patients. More to come soon!

  5. Message Broadcasting: Whether sending holiday greetings, announcing company events, or broadcasting the availability of challenging cases, HR teams can send messages to the entire caregiver roster in seconds.

  6. Integrated Services: To support compliance, we’ve partnered with various vendors to offer integrations that extend beyond Bolt.Healthcare’s direct services. This centralized platform aids caregivers in maintaining compliance effortlessly and allows your back-office teams to work out of a single platform.

Of course, what we released now is just scratching the surface of what we have in store for our Caregiver Portal. Our dedicated team of developers is actively expanding on this foundation as I write this. 

Upcoming features include smart matching, designed to streamline shift booking and empower your coordination team with a robust tool for matching caregivers to patients more efficiently. This enhancement will not only benefit your coordination team but also significantly aid caregivers in meeting their weekly work goals more effectively, ultimately boosting retention.

Does your current solution allow you to seamlessly communicate, manage and coordinate your caregivers effectively? 

If not, consider scheduling a demo to see how our Caregiver Portal, along with the rest of the Bolt.Healthcare suite can streamline your agency today! 

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