The Bolt Homecare App gives each user and department the tools and access they need to shine.

Your Agency + Bolt = Personalized. Organized. Transparent. Accountable. Efficient.

Intake Department

Bolt has transformed over 100 homecare intake teams, no more missed follow ups or cases falling through the cracks. Our custom workflow platform is customized for each agency, so it fits like a glove from day one. With personalized dashboards, industry leading followup system, real-time alerts and notifications you will process more cases more efficiently. This is why Intake Directors love Bolt and can’t live without it.

Recruitment & HR

Streamlining caregiver hiring was always a need, but in today’s fast paced always connected world it is a necessity. Bolt’s next level Application Tracking System is the first caregiver hiring solution built specifically for homecare. A turn key solution with a digital application, dynamic forms, e-signature, custom checklists, and a detailed followup system will supercharge your Recruiting & HR teams, Caregiver hiring will never be the same!

Marketing & Biz Dev

Finally a software solution that directly grows your bottom line. Empower your Marketing and Business Development Team with anywhere / anytime access to the data they need to succeed. With native mobile apps, dynamic form generators, e-signature, real time alerts and more – your team will have everything they need at their fingertips. Finally, all your referral source and biz dev data in a single place with detailed reporting and analytics, this is a game changer.

Administration & Management

With Bolt, a fully centralized solution, you will have unparalleled access to your company’s pre-service performance and efficiency. By tracking every referral, note, followup, file status, notification, email, interaction all the way down to the user level you will now have 100% accountability, and transparency. Coupled with our industry leading analytics and automated reporting, you will be able to make better decisions which will lead to greater efficiency, higher revenue and better margins.

Bolt Homecare App. The #1 Homecare App Streamlining & Optimizing Business Development, Marketing, Intake, Referral Management, Administration, Recruitment, & HR operations.

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