Bolt.Healthcare® Continues to Lead Homecare Innovation with Key Executive Additions and Technological Advancements


New York, January 3rd 2024Bolt.Healthcare®, a forefront innovator in homecare technology solutions, is excited to announce significant strides in our mission to redefine homecare services. This past year, Bolt.Healthcare® has welcomed two key members to our executive team, Avi Cohen as Director of Operations & Product Management and Runica Kalimootoo as Client Success Manager, marking a pivotal moment in our journey toward excellence and innovation in home care.

Anticipating the dynamic expansion of the homecare industry, Bolt.Healthcare® is at the forefront, offering cutting-edge technology solutions tailored specifically for home care agencies. 

Our commitment lies in empowering the entire homecare ecosystem with innovative tools and services that ensure excellence, improve operational efficiencies, streamline home care operations, reduce paperwork, and introduce significant cost savings and efficiency in this rapidly growing market.

The homecare industry’s needs are greater than ever due to all the associated complexities. Software should not be one of them. Bolt.Healthcare®️ takes that to heart by streamlining the number of platforms an agency needs for all of its pre-service needs.” – Avi Cohen

2023 was a year of remarkable achievements for Bolt.Healthcare®, including the Caregiver Management Platform. Our team’s visionary approach led to the introduction of novel solutions that streamline operational efficiency, bolster data-driven decision-making, and ensure regulatory compliance and privacy standards exceed expectations.

Bolt.Healthcare® has rolled out substantial updates to enhance user experience on our platform, tailored specifically for home care needs. Now, caregivers can swiftly complete applications in less than 5 minutes from any device, anywhere. 

Our platform features in-app automated Medicaid eligibility verification, seamless two-way SMS communication within the app for patients and caregivers, and a completely paperless process with automated electronic forms that support e-signatures, countersigning, and document management. 

Additionally, we’ve introduced comprehensive end-to-end referral management for tracking and optimization, streamlining the entire care coordination process.

“…The upcoming year holds the potential for collaborative strides—melding operational wisdom with software-driven innovation to craft an industry that exudes efficiency while preserving the essence of empathy. It’s a future where challenges are met with creative solutions, where experience and technology dance in a harmonious rhythm to elevate the quality of care. Let’s unite our stories, expertise, and aspirations, creating a future where technology acts as an enabler, enhancing the warmth and quality of homecare services.” – Marc Mutterperl, Bolt’s Director of Client Success

Looking ahead to 2024, Bolt.Healthcare® remains dedicated to advancing our products and improving agency experiences. Our goal is to empower homecare agencies to deliver unparalleled care, reflecting our ongoing commitment to excellence in the homecare industry.

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About Bolt.Healthcare ®️  

For over a decade, Bolt Healthcare has been at the forefront of software solutions for the home care industry. Originating with tailored software for major home care agencies, our expertise and industry knowledge paved the way for the development of the Bolt Homecare App.

Since its inception in 2015, the Bolt Homecare App has evolved with groundbreaking features and functionalities, including Referral Management, Streamlined Intake Operations, in-app dynamic forms with e-signatures, and the first dedicated Homecare Business Development Mobile App. And we’re just getting started!

With our visionary teams leading the charge, we’re committed to continuous innovation. From enhancing efficiency and profitability to ensuring scalability, compliance, and security, Bolt Healthcare remains dedicated to empowering agencies for success.

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